Sound Therapy is a unique program using filtered music to benefit the brain. It relieves tinnitus and other ear related problems while also enhancing brain performance.

Sound Therapy is a portable listening program based on new knowledge about the ear and brain. We now know that the ear is an active organ that can enhance brain performance. Likewise, new brain pathways can be built with the right stimulus.

When your ears and brain perform better, the result is:

  •     better communication and relationships
  •     more energy and less stress
  •     enhanced performance at work and school
  •     greater well-being and enjoyment of life

How does it work?

To use Sound Therapy you simply listen each day to a progressively filtered music program which stimulates the ear, the brain and the whole auditory system. The unique processing and alternating tones in the music activate neuronal connections to enhance ear and brain performance. This results in:

Better brain integration
Better responsiveness to high frequency sounds
New brain pathways
Improved function for many parts of the nervous system

Benefits include

Sound Therapy is an outstanding new technology designed for accessibility,  affordability and ease of use. Its potential health benefits are extensive and may include the following effects:

  •     Improved hearing for those with industrial deafness or hearing loss due to aging
  •     Relief of tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  •     New vitality and sense of well being
  •     Relief of tiredness and stress
  •     Deep relaxation and relief of anxiety and depression
  •     Heightened creativity and mental capacity
  •     Increased energy, focus and performance
  •     Deep, beneficial sleep and an end to insomnia
  •     Better balance and recovery from dizziness or vertigo
  •     Improved concentration and learning ability
  •     Improved behaviour and communication in children
  •     Increased voice quality and vocal range
  •     Better communication, relationships and greater family harmony

Sound Therapy : What do we do?

Sound Therapy is listened to on a mini portable player at low volume, for several hours, as you go about your daily activities or during sleep. The program comes on a high quality music player which can be clipped to a collar or worn around your neck. Quality earphones allow you to hear surrounding sounds while listening to the Sound Therapy at very low volume. While listening you can have a conversation, talk on the phone, exercise, watch TV, sleep or do any of your normal daily activities.

Full listening instructions are provided with the program via books, workbooks, DVDs and an email coaching and support program.

The neuro-anatomy of Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy stimulates the ear by presenting it with constantly alternating sounds of high and low tone, within the complex structure of classical music. Stimulation via the sensory pathways re-maps the brain, improving the way we understand and process sound. The brain, in turn, sends signals back to the ear to improve its function. One theory suggests that this feedback loop results in better performance of the middle ear muscles and of the tiny, hair-like receptor cells in the inner ear.

As the ear becomes open and receptive to high frequency sounds these are then passed on to the brain. Research has shown that brain function is improved through high frequency sound. There is an increase in blood flow to certain centres along with increased electrical activity. The results observed in Sound Therapy listeners include increased energy, reduced fatigue with improved focus and creativity, a reduction in the need for sleep, and an almost permanent state of peace and relaxation.