Epilepsy is a condition where a person has intermittent paroxysmal attacks of disordered brain function usually causing a loss of awareness or consciousness and sometimes convulsions. In some cases epilepsy can be controlled by drugs but these may have undesirable side effects. There have been several accounts of epilepsy sufferers befitting from Sound Therapy. Sound Therapy stimulates the brain in a specific way which may lead to better connections, more efficient functioning of neurotransmitters, calmer and more coordinated overall brain function and integration.

People with epilepsy will benefit from long term Sound Therapy treatment. For some epilepsy sufferers Sound Therapy has been found to reduce or eliminate seizures, improve memory, alertness, concentration, co-ordination, confidence and general functioning. It is advisable that a person with epilepsy should be monitored by their doctor when undertaking Sound Therapy.

Hilary Peart writes about how Sound Therapy helped her recover from debilitating epilepsy

“I have epilepsy and the medication I take was not completely controlling it.  I had an almost constant ‘electric’ feeling in my head, and looked out at the world through what seemed like a net curtain, or fog.  I was constantly on edge, slept badly, felt exhausted, had difficulty reading and communicating.  The simplest tasks had become complicated for me.

From the start I listened to the Sound Therapy for 10-12 hours a day and found it very soothing.  Before I started listening my day consisted of about 2 hours of activity in the morning and the rest of the day mainly resting and unable to communicate.  By the end of the first three months of listening my day had improved to the extent that I could be active most of the time except for a couple of hours resting in the afternoon.  The headaches, pressure in my head and confusion, gradually lessened.

After about 6 weeks of listening, I visited my neurologist.  He was pleased with my progress and said to carry on with what I was doing.  The next visit 6 months later he couldn’t get over how my walking and posture had improved, and I later left the Sound Therapy book with him.  On my next visit about 8 months later, he again could see my improvement and was very pleased, and had enjoyed reading the book, as he had an interest in how music can help with restoring memory etc.

Today, after about 15 months of listening, what a change!  I have my enjoyment and enthusiasm for life back.  I have tried many alternative remedies over the years as I have had a number of  health issues, I have a heart problem which has culminated in me having a pace-maker fitted, chronic fatigue syndrome, fybromyalgia and of course the epilepsy.  I still carry on with acupuncture treatment, homeopathic drops, and magnetic therapy, plus nutritional supplements and have a good diet, all of which have helped me and continue to do so.  I was doing this all before I started on the Sound Therapy, but what I found with the Sound Therapy was it seemed to enhance all the other things I was doing.

In conclusion Sound Therapy has improved my:

  • Energy levels
  • Co-ordination
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Ability to do needlework (I had come to the stage that I was unable to do this any more)
  • Communication – both written and oral
  • Sleeping pattern
  • General quality of life

In short Sound Therapy has given me my quality of life back.”

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