womansleepingInsomnia is caused by stress, so when our stress is reduced by Sound Therapy, we naturally sleep better. Listeners usually notice an improvement in their sleep even on the first night. Insomnia is caused by excessive cortical excitation that cannot be stopped. Sound Therapy cuts mind chatter and allows the mind to move naturally into the slower rhythms that lead to sleep.

Though Sound Therapy aims to recharge the brain for activity during the day, when you want to rest, it also has a calming effect which enables the listener to slip easily and quickly into sleep. While the brain and the nervous system are stimulated by the sound, an active serenity may be experienced, which also allows for deep rest. Sleeplessness due to anxiety may also be resolved. The opening of the ear to high frequency sounds re-creates the pre-birth experience and can facilitate the resolution of early emotional anxieties. A recent survey indicates that between 70% and 80% of Sound Therapy Listeners notice an improvement in their sleep. Many insomniacs have experienced an immediate and dramatic improvement in their sleep.

How to listen

Some people benefit from listening as they go to sleep and may listen either for the first 90 minutes or all night. Others will find that listening during the day is more appropriate to fit in with their sleeping and waking routine. For example, some people find listening helpful to put them back to sleep if they wake in the night, whereas others may listen for an energy boost if they become drowsy in the evening. Each person needs to develop a listening routine that suits their needs and is appropriate to their individual response to the music.

Deeper, better sleep

Dr Tomatis believes that if we receive sufficient stimulation for the brain, the need for sleep is reduced. Studies have shown that we don’t really need as much sleep as we think because it is mainly our brain that needs sleep, not our body. When the brain has more energy, we need less sleep. Therefore Sound Therapy listeners usually find they need between one and three hours less sleep per night. Deep sleep, medically termed “hypersomnia”, is the most essential type of sleep for our well being. Dreaming sleep or REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is a lighter sleep and with Sound Therapy it may be reduced in length without ill effects. The purpose of sleep is to replenish the brain’s energy. If the brain receives adequate stimulation from sound then the hours of sleep can be reduced.

Better sleep – less sleep – more time

29 year old lawyer:

“I listened dutifully to the program for over 200 hours (averaging 6 to 7 hours a day) until a remarkable change occurred in my sleeping patterns. I began to awake at 5:30 in the morning after 5 to 6 hours sleep, and was fully refreshed and ready to leap into action. Previously I needed 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep per night. I am now a morning member of a gym and have plenty of time to pursue study interests, all before leaving for work. I am continuing to listen and maintain my new sleeping patterns. I have also noticed that I rarely get a stiff neck working at my desk. I often listen while engaged in work and find my concentration is excellent. I feel I am very lucky to have accidentally discovered Sound Therapy and would heartily recommend it to anyone, particularly those wanting to get more out of life.”


No more sleeping pills – Wanda S. Harrison, Allen Park, MI, U.S.A.


“I did experience the energy breakthrough. For about a week prior, I had found myself literally at loose ends, unable to make decisions, not really wanting to do ANYTHING. On Tuesday the 17th, I had to force myself to get up at 10:30 a.m. and dragged through the rest of the day and evening. The next morning I awoke feeling like a new person, so full of energy I couldn’t decide what to do first. This is a new experience for me! I simply can’t believe how much energy I have! When we were up at my mother’s old farmhouse in Midland last weekend, I not only cleaned inside the house, but got to work in the yard, pruning the bushes that hadn’t been done for 10 years and finally getting started on the huge task of cleaning up her old garden at the side of the house.

For the first time in many years I am able to lie and go to sleep without taking any pills! This alone makes me feel like a new person, not to be tied to the bottle of tranquilizers at bed time and particularly to wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep feeling totally refreshed and no morning “blahs.”

I also find that I no longer need to use laxatives the way I did for many years since I had abdominal surgery when I was seven. My memory is much clearer as are my thought processes as well as my writing ability.”


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